studio legale penale di palermo


The Firm

The Criminal Law Firm of attorneys Mario Grillo & Eugenio Tomasino, based in Palermo at A. De Gasperi 50, offers its clients advice, assistance, and protection in the area of criminal law.

The activity of the firm is characterized by a methodology to respond specifically to the particularities and characteristics of each clients' individual issues and offers a structured organization of well-defined progressive stages

  • Preliminary meeting with the client
  • Study and deepening of the case
  • Preparation of procedural strategies
  • Establishment of defensive tools necessary

Over the years, the Firm (has developed counseling and defense in criminal trials specializing in specific subjects, such as:

The Law Firm of attorneys Mario Grillo & Eugenio Tomasino operates mainly in the courts of Palermo, Trapani, Caltanissetta, Agrigento, as well as throughout the national territory. This includes coordinating the activities and making use of the stable cooperation of professionals of proven competence engaged in major Italian cities.