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This space has two objectives: to help the practitioners of law familiarize themselves with legal issues of particular interest and allow users of the Internet (including the public in general) easier access to information regarding law.

In the News page you will find:

  • New laws, jurisprudence, and doctrines of particular relevance
  • Bar Code of Ethics
  • The Forensic Rates
  • Useful links
  • Links to institutional sites
  • Links to thematic sites
  • Calendars for meetings and training events
  • Utilities and conditions in general

The intent is and always will be to provide accurate and up-to-date news; despite this, using instruments and links with online sites out-of-the-control of the law firm of attorneys Mario Grillo & Eugenio Tomasino cannot be guaranteed to exactly reproduce the officially adopted legal text, or that these sites do not contain computer viruses. For this reason, DO NOT assume, that the firm accepts any liability and / or warranty, express or implied, for possible problems arising from the use of these sites linked and / or damage, direct or indirect , or for loss of profits.

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